Call for reviewers - JLDHE new issue - Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education

Call for reviewers – JLDHE new issue

Dear colleagues,

We are seeking offers to undertake a blind peer-review of the following submissions to the JLDHE (Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education).

If you would like to undertake a review of any of these articles, please email the designated contact editor(s) below (not the whole list), including a brief description of your interest in the topic, your relevant qualifications, expertise and/or experience in relation to the submission (100-200 words max). This might include your knowledge of the subject and/or your experience acting as a peer reviewer for academic papers or as an author or researcher in the field. Please also join our register of reviewers and list your interests. New reviewers are welcome! The editors will then select reviewers and inform those involved.

NB: it is essential to be respectful of the writers of submissions to our journal, especially when they are at the draft stages. Please do not comment publicly on any aspect of the paper title or abstract.

SubmissionTitle and summaryEditor to contact
#1187 PaperThe Meme-ification of teaching and learning accounting and finance subject
This paper explores the innovative integration of memes into the teaching and learning of accounting and finance concepts, aiming to bridge the gap between students’ digital culture and formal educational content. Amidst the growing emphasis on incorporating technology to enhance educational engagement, memes emerge as a potent tool for simplifying complex accounting topic and financial theories into accessible and memorable content. Through a comprehensive study involving questionnaire and thematic analysis, we examined students’ perceptions of meme usage in an academic setting.
Craig Morley

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