Calls for reviewers - JLDHE New Issue - Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education

Calls for reviewers – JLDHE New Issue

Dear colleagues,

We are seeking offers to undertake a blind peer-review of the following submissions to the JLDHE (Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education).

If you would like to undertake a review of any of these articles, please email the designated contact editor(s) below (not the whole list), including a brief description of your interest in the topic, your relevant qualifications, expertise and/or experience in relation to the submission (100-200 words max). This might include your knowledge of the subject and/or your experience acting as a peer reviewer for academic papers or as an author or researcher in the field. Please also join our register of reviewers and list your interests. New reviewers are welcome! The editors will then select reviewers and inform those involved.

NB: it is essential to be respectful of the writers of submissions to our journal, especially when they are at the draft stages. Please do not comment publicly on any aspect of the paper title or abstract above.

SubmissionTitle and summaryEditor to contact
#1161 Opinion PiecesImplementing Academic- and professional literacy in specialist nurse educationSpecialist nurses’ oral and written communication is of great importance for the quality of care and patient safety. These skills can be lifesaving and are seen as an important part of nursing. Higher education is responsible for teaching the knowledge and skills that the specialist nurse students’ need to document and communicate effectively and safely with patients, close relatives, and other professions. In this opinion piece, we argue that extended learning and practising in both academic literacy and professional literacy could increase the communication competence of specialist nurse students, empowering them to navigate and deliver high-quality nursing care and patient safety within the complex healthcare environment. The interaction between academic literacy and professional literacy is crucial for the ability of specialist nurse students to navigate the complex healthcare environment, provide high quality care and adapt to the increasingly rapid evolution of healthcare. Lee Fallin
#1164 PaperExploring Undergraduate Physics Students’ Connectedness in Online LearningIn recent years, higher learning institutions have been forced to integrate online learning into their curriculum. However, despite the increasing popularity of online learning, students’ sense of connectedness within this environment remains a crucial aspect to explore. This study investigates student perceptions of their online learning experience, focusing on teacher-student interaction, comfort level, and social media engagement, to gain insights into their connectedness. The sample comprised of undergraduate physics students from the Department of Science Education, University of …….. The findings revealed that although the students generally connected to their learning online, they display a mixed perception regarding their comfort, with many of the students less likely to approach their teacher or peers for help, potentially resulting in missed learning opportunities.Amy Sampson

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

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