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LD@3 Developing student writing: Write to learn


Event Date: 16/05/2024
Event Time: 15:00 to 16:00

Academic writing has developed a troublesome reputation – and so has the learning and teaching of it. Especially with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and the fear that students who already hated writing will write no more!

As Learning Developers we are often asked to ‘fix’ the students’ writing – or deliver that one off session on ‘The Essay’ that will fix everything for everyone.

At the same time as valuing our role in the promotion of positive writing practices – we note that the de facto teachers of academic writing are disciplinary academics – who typically also have a troublesome relationship with their own writing – and no desire to teach their students how to write – let alone encouraging writing to learn.

In this webinar we open the discussion about the what, why and how of the processes of academic writing – while arguing that writing should be: small, generative, low stakes and playful. We introduce our open-access writing course for educational professionals – and showcase some activities to rediscover the joy of meaningful writing.



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Abegglen, S., Burns, T. & Sinfield, S., (2023) Developing student writing: Write to learn. OneHE.https://onehe.org/courses/developing-student-writing-write-to-learn/



Sandra Abegglen, Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield

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