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JLDHE Reading Club 10 November 2021

Thank you to everyone who attended our November Reading Club. At this event we discussed Camilia Devis-Rozental’s and Susanne Clarke’s case study: ‘HE staff’s attitudes and expectations about their role in induction activities’ from Issue 21. We would like to thank both Camilia and Susanne for coming along to the session, their passion for their work and supporting their students helped to make for a really positive and informative session.

During the event we spent a lot of time talking about the usefulness of the ‘tourist’ metaphor advanced by Camilia and Susanne in their case study. This is the idea that we should interact with new students during induction as we would a tourist visiting a new country for the first time; meaning that we should not assume students inherently know the buildings, language or expectations of university, but will need to be guided towards this understanding. From this we then discussed how we can support new students to go beyond feeling like a tourist and how we can help them feel a full and valued member of the university / higher education community.

As part of these discussions, we also chatted about how fundamental humanising ourselves and students is in feeling part of this wider community. We agreed that an important part of this was the need to normalise making mistakes, failing and taking risks, especially in extended induction periods (and the fact that marks in first year don’t tend to count towards final degree success!). Camilia and Susanne signposted us to their edited volume Humanising Higher Education as a useful place to continue thinking about these ideas.

You can follow Camilia and Susanne on Twitter.

Our next Reading Club will be held on Wednesday 12th January at 5:30pm

We will be in touch in advance of the meeting with a selection of JLDHE articles for you to choose from. We will then confirm the piece with the most votes and share the zoom link before the day. Please contact Jenny if you would like to be added to the Reading Club mailing list.

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