JLDHE Reading Club 12 May 2021 - Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education

JLDHE Reading Club 12 May 2021

Thanks to those who were able to come along to the launch of the JLDHE Reading Club, where we discussed Sam King’s article on metadiscourse. Thanks also to Sam for attending, engaging in the discussion and answering our questions so generously and comprehensively! We were delighted to be joined by colleagues in LD from across the UK, Ireland and Canada – which made for a rich, lively discussion.

Interesting questions were raised by attendees on metadiscourse and the different ways in which we teach it (or not) at our own institutions. Variations in disciplinary approaches to signposting in assignments was something we confronted, as well as the effects it may have on non-expert “experiences” of a text. The intersections with EAP work, highlighted by Sam, Ian and others, also seemed to be of considerable interest to us all. Some of the takeaways from Sam’s piece seem to have been the progression that students make in the “academic discourse community” when LD-ers provide instruction in metadiscourse, even if it does not appear to result in higher marks at levels 4 and 5 in certain disciplinary areas. As Jim and others highlighted, there is also the question as to whether, in teaching metadiscourse and its use, we are seeking to help students to “make disciplinary meanings”, or teaching them to write well.

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