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The LD Project Podcast

The Learning Development Project podcast: Episode #22 with Georgia Koromila and Ed Powell

Published: 19/04/2024 - Reading Time: 2 min

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Decolonising the curriculum is more than diversifying the authors on a reading list. It’s about the nature of knowledge, and questioning where that knowledge comes from and why, so that we can better understand the history of the paradigms within which we work and live. As such, responsibility for it lies beyond the subject, extending into third space and Learning Development. But it needn’t be daunting. We can all reflexively consider our positioning and praxis, question our assumptions (without necessarily disagreeing with them – criticality can be positive as well as negative!), innovate, and invite reconsideration. In this way, decolonisation […]

LD project podcast

The Learning Development Project podcast: new episode #21

Published: 21/03/2024 - Reading Time: 1 min

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We are delighted to welcome Dr Emily McIntosh and Dr Diane Nutt to the LD Project episode 21, to talk about their valuable and important book, The Impact of the Integrated Practitioner in Higher Education: Studies in Third Space Professionalism. Alongside an exploration of the tensions inherent in third space working, they also share their passion for and commitment to student learning and the role of Learning Developers, as well as the pleasure they have found in writing together.  If you feel inspired by their conversation, you still have time to submit (across a range of formats) to a JLDHE special issue dedicated to exploring the […]

The Impact of the Integrated Practitioner in Higher Education Studies in Third Space Professionalism Edited By Emily McIntosh, Diane Nutt

It’s that time again! Episode #20 of the LD Project podcast is now available!

Published: 27/02/2024 - Reading Time: 1 min

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We are delighted to welcome Dr Sonia Hood from the University of Reading to join us this month. A highly experienced Learning Developer, Sonia shared her key thoughts from her chapter ‘Succeeding in Learning Development’ in How to be a Learning Developer in Higher Education. She advocates learning to speak the language of strategy and aligning with institutional priorities as a way of supporting and integrating LD provision, whilst also taking care to build relationships and maintain conversations across the university. There is much to take away from her accumulated wisdom – we hope you enjoy! As always, you can find previous episodes […]

Dr Sonia Hood
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